Environmental Law / Toxic Tort LitigationWe represent individuals, businesses, and municipalities in litigation involving environmental and toxic damage claims, including matters regarding surface and sub-surface contamination, improper hazardous disposal, and pesticide/chemical-related destruction of personal and real property.

The area of environmental law has become increasingly regulated over the last several years. Thus, a thorough understanding of both state and federal statutory schemes is critical in providing counsel to clients involved in environmental and toxic tort litigation.

Our lawyers are experienced in handling a wide variety of environmental matters, including lawsuits involving pre-existing underground hazardous substances, as well as structure contamination problems. We litigate cases involving CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act), SWDA (the Solid Waste Disposal Act), and RCRA (the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.)

We have experienced the wholesale expansion of environmental torts, from basic pesticide and fungicide exposure, to hazardous waste dumping, storage tank contamination, and "tight building" syndrome. Thus, in addition to representing clients in litigations matters, we are keenly committed to educating our clients in methods of avoiding environmental and toxic substance litigation.

We have also defended our clients against alleged exposure to mold. Critical to our defense of mold claims is the causation element, and specifically, whether the mold can be related back to unrelated, pre-existing conditions and/or whether it has caused any injury at all. By focusing on this element, we are able to effectively and efficiently dispose of mold claims in this area of law.

Our environmental lawyers are involved with trade organizations which generates intimate understanding of issues facing our clients. We not only represent our clients in litigation matters, but also, in helping them to navigate the often treacherous waters of a government-sanctioned investigation, inclusive of administrative actions.

Our experience, understanding and knowledge of environmental/pest control systems allows us to provide effective assistance to pest control licensees, on such important issues as reporting compliance, contract drafting and review, guaranty, warranty, and indemnity agreements, and alternative dispute resolution.